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Czes R
United Kingdom
I'll answer anything if you just ask :D

Current Residence: Chiswick, London
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium i believe
Favourite genre of music: Visual Kei but pretty much listen to anything and everything
Favourite style of art: Doodling Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Grell Sutcliff
Personal Quote: What can I say?
1. Copy and paste this to your journal, erasing the tagger's answers.
2. Tell the people that you tag by sending them a link to this entry.
3. Tag 5 people.
4. No tag backs! (That just kills the meaning to this.)

10 Favorites
• Favorite Color: RED! Or Blue...... >_>
• Favorite Food: Hmmmm..... I'm gonna go on Sweet and Sour Chicken noodles.... Only cause I'm eating them now <3.
• Favorite Band/Singer: Right now.... Gotta be..... Mt Eden for DnB
• Favorite Show: Gaha gotta be Gintama! <3
• Favorite Sport: I'm getting fond of Tennis and Badminton again >_>.
• Favorite Season: I would say Summer for the longness of the days. But it has to be winter. I'm a cold person <3.
• Favorite Day Of the Week: I can't tell what day it is anymore! Sooooooo Wednesday :).
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Bubblegum!
• Favorite Time of Day: Ummmmmm... I'd say..... 9pm! everyones tired, relaxing and chilling back :D.

9 Currents
• Current Mood: Confused.
• Current Taste: Noooooooodles :D.
• Current Clothes: Just shorts XD. It's just too hot =P.
• Current Computer: Nobue! Cause shes awesome =D.
• Current Finger/Toenail Color: Abit of red... Bad red. Not nail colouring ^^''.
• Current Time: 05:38
• Current Surroundings: PS3 on, TV on, Laptop on, Bed covers off, Drink and noodles next to me =D.
• Current Annoyance(s): Facebook ¬w¬
• Current Thought: Should reeeeally do those photos up soon... GAH GO AWAY FACEBOOK EMAILS! >_>

8 Firsts
• First Best Friend: Daniel
• First crush this school year: Ummm Since I was with Cassie since last year. I'd have to say... Steph >_>.
• First Screen Name: I can't actually remember. I'll say Czes ^^''
• First Pet: Crazy the Cat :).
• First Thing You Did Today: Turn the laptop on... I'm sad I know XD.
• First Thing You Ate Today: Noodles! =D
• First School: Southfield Primary School.

7 Lasts
• Last Food Consumption: ...Noodles again... I see a trend here... XD.
• Last Car Ride: Ummm Car ride to Asda :).
• Last Text Message: Jade ¬w¬ Thanks.... I know England lost... XD.
• Last Movie Seen: Kindergarden Cop! <3
• Last Item Bought: Borderlands >_>.
• Last CD Played: Freefonix a few months back XD.
• Last Website You Were On: Deviant Art ^^'

6 Have You Evers
• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: Ummmm Kinda... Wouldn't say best friend. I'd say really close friend.
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: Ummm let's not go into that =D.
• Have You Ever Been Arrested: Quite a few times >_>
• Have You Ever Been on TV: Yuppers!
• Have Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass Door: Umm yeah.... >_> And got filmed doing it... XD.
• Have You Ever Sat On The Roof: Ofcourse! It's awesome! =D

5 Places You've Been To
• Germany
• France
• Poland
• New York
• Bed

4 Things
• You're Wearing: Glasses, Shorts... I've really got nothing else.... ^^''
• You Did Last Night: Lol ummm Play Borderlands for about 18 hours straight, Drink half a bottle of sprite in one go, Bathe and brush mah teeth =D.
• You Hear Right Now: Ps3 Fan, Cat scratching the sofa... I should really stop her... XD. Dads alarm and ooo A car alarm ouside :').
• You Can't Live Without:: Friends, Games, Music aaaaaaaand >_>.... Skating <3.

3 People You Can Tell Anything To
• Jade <333
• Jess =D
• Rene =D

2 Choices
• Chocolate or Sweets ¬w¬. I can never make my mind up.
• Get up or stay in. I mostly stay in bed ='D.

1 Love
• Music <3.

I Tag

:iconashleyeveryday: :iconragdoll-chan: :iconmizoresangel: :iconthecyanidefactory: :iconcloud-1-3-5:


Sooooo As you guessed. I GOT MY LAPTOP...! A while ago >_>... I've just been incredibly lazy =P. I haven't had the motivation to sit still and type up my ideas or attempt to draw as much as I wanted to. Renra has tried to kick my arse into gear for drawing but has failed :). While x-xlost-and-alonex-x has been trying to kick my arse into gear with Literature and photography XD. Chu almost got me but not yet ;D. Other then that. I've got nothing to say for now really... Ah yeah... I kinda missed the pre expo journal and post expo journal... I kinda.... Forgot and the heat made me more lazy. Sooooo wait till the next con. I'll make it extra special =D. ALSO I BLODEY NEED TO DO MY 4K KIRIBAN ¬w¬. I don't deserve those views for being so lazy. But alas! The 4K Kiriban goes to Renra. I shall get to it when I can be bothered to sort out the items of the photo :). They are all in a massive pot XD.


I'm just gonna plan for Kitacon 3 cause I have no idea if I can make MCM in October. Although I will be attending Jcon if I can help it.

At Jcon I have no idea what I wanna do. I might just do Gintoki of Gintama if I can get that done in time. Otherwise I have no idea what I wanna do ^^'.

Kitacon 3 I have got a list of 5 Cosplays which which i'd love to do. I might as well just list them here. =D

- Naruto Shippuden - Shikamaru
- Gintama - Gintoki
- Metal Gear Solid 4 - Raiden Cyborg
- D.Gray-Man - Yuu Kanda
- Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 - Captain Price

I dunno if I should stick to all of them of maybe make it 4 or 3 or 2. I've got till March and I might make Gintoki for September as well so it kinda works out easier for both cons. I might just let everyone decide... I have no idea right now ^^'.


I keep forgetting to take my camera with me everywhere... I need to remember that >_>.


I...Have...No...Reason... I've just been lazy XD... I've had my laptop for about two weeks? I forgot >_> but I haven't done anything work related XD... I won't give a lame excuse. But I havea few people kicking me up the arse to make me do it so I shall soon enough =D... I hope :). I just have a load of awesome ideas I wanna get down to stories. I just need the motivation to do it and lately I haven't got that Motivation or am too lazy. Soooooo kick me in the arse to get myarse in gear =D.


I have started to really get into the mood to draw again so I might just sit down one night and see where it goes with a pencil and notebook... (Just typo'd pencil for penic and penis about 4 times.... What does that say ;D)


I hope that the group see's this cause I can' be arsed to text some people about it. I just wanna say that soon enough I wanna whore out the new cosplays for photography and would be sending the group the photos as well. It would be nice to see more photos into it :3.


Yes I've decided when I get some practise on my new sewing machine. I want to open commission's up for some small cosplay accessories for the bonus money. Small things like armbands, hats, gloves, ears and stuff along the lines of that. When I start thinking about it more seriously. I'll post up a list of all the details.

Just a few things

Also, blame ashleyeveryday for the mood. As he has been making me feel naughty things at night >_> XD. I'd like to thank people who've been keeping my mood up lately. Mainly is ashleyeveryday and x-xlost-and-alonex-x and Ragdoll-Chan. Otherwise I'm keeping everything short. The weather's killing me XD. I'll be off to lay on the sofa for a long time. X3 Bye Y'all! <3 xx

Cosplay plans, finished cosplays and groups:

Done cosplays:

Kuroshitsuji - Grell Sutcliff

Kuroshitsuji – Crossdressed Finny

Tales of Symphonia - Zelos Wilder

Final Fantasy 7 – Rufus

Cosplays in progress/plans:

D.Gray-Man - Yuu Kanda

Naruto Shippuden - Shikamaru

Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 - Captain Price

Gintama - Gintoki

Tekken 6 - Hworang

Tales of Eternia - Reid Hershel

Eternal Sonata - Frederic

Bleach - Nova, Stark

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Raiden Cyborg outfit

Monster Hunter Character Chesukun either Nargacuga blade master outfit + Duel blades or Nargacuga Gunner outfit with Nargacuga bow.

Devil May Cry - Vergil (Devil May Cry 3)

Final Fantasy Xiii - Snow


  • Listening to: Kindergarden Cop
  • Reading: D.Gray-Man
  • Watching: Gintama
  • Playing: Borderlands/Red Dead Redemption
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: Bulmers

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